All About Sunflowers

Did you know that Sunflower is the only flower that has the word “flower” in its name? Well, there is a lot more about this flower one should know.

Sunflowers are distinguished by their large blooms and the petals that match the blazing rays of the sun. The name sunflower is derived from the impression that the blooming plant appears to slowly turn its flower towards the sun, as the latter moves across the sky on a daily basis. The common sunflower belongs to the genus Helianthus, which contains about 67 species and is thought to be native to the North and South America.

Sunflowers do best in soil with lots of water holding capacity, good drainage and fertilizer. They look outstanding in a vase and are low maintenance; easily lasting from a week to 10 days and that makes them a favourite in the cut flower industry.

What are the different types of sunflowers?

These enormous flowers can be broadly classified into three types.

Tall sunflowers as the name suggests are rough, long stemmed growing up to 16 ft tall. Skyscraper, Sunforest Mix, American Giant, Russian Mammoth are some of the varieties under this category.

Dwarf Sunflowers are the result of extensive hybridizing and grow to a height of 3 ft or smaller. These plants love to grow in bunches and occupy small spaces such as gardens and planters. Some of the most popular varieties in this are Sundance kid, Little Becka, Pacino etc.

Coloured sunflowers add splashes of colour to your space and are seen in colours like creamy custard to deep wine. The popular myth that sunflowers are only yellow in colour is put to rest with these popular coloured varieties that work like magic in home décor segment. Earth Walker, Terracotta, Moulin Rouge, Floristan are some of the widely preferred coloured Sunflowers. 

What is the socio-cultural significance of a sunflower?

 Rooted in two Greek words, helios meaning sun and anthos meaning flower, the genus Helianthus is believed to always face the sun! Therefore sunflowers are known for their loving devotion. Associated with good luck, sunflowers fill your home with positivity and a sense of wellbeing, safety and protection.

In China, sunflowers mean long life, good fortune and vitality. Native American groups believe sunflowers represent harvest and bounty, because they provide seeds and pigment. To the spiritual seeker, sunflowers represent worship and belief in their religion. The colour yellow calls for youthfulness, vitality, intelligence and happiness.

When to gift sunflowers?

The perfect summer flowers, standing tall, showy and bright, sunflowers too have a broad and varied range of meanings. Read on; let’s understand the various occasions to gift a sunflower.

  • Sunflowers are often given on 3rd year wedding anniversaries.
  • On Birthdays to wish long and happy life
  • Perfect gift for a summer wedding as the couple begins a new journey together.
  • An ideal Graduating day flower.
  • Friendship Day flowers to show adoration and form a strong bond
  • As a gift of encouragement during exams

How to arrange sunflowers and pair them with other flowers?

Sunflowers take up the role of a primary focus flower in a floral arrangement due to its large size and bright disposition.

In an arrangement, it is necessary that the other flowers complement the sunflower rather than compete or overwhelm them. They can be paired with White Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Eryngiums, and Gypso to create sophisticated arrangements.

How to care for sunflowers at home?

Sunflowers make for an impressive choice for indoor arrangements. Giving special attention to hydration, these blooms can last for 10 days or more.

  • Fill the bucket with hot tap water. Immediately placing cut sunflowers in water helps prevent later wilting.
  • Cut the flower at a 45-degree angle. Place the stems inside the bucket.
  • Set the bucket in a cool location in bright but indirect light for 24 hours so the stems can take in as much water as possible prior to arranging.
  • Mix a packet of cut flower preservative with cool water in a vase. Cut off the bottom inch of each sunflower stem, while it's still submerged in the bucket, at an angle before transferring it to the vase.
  • Replace the water and preservative in the vase every one to two days to extend the life of the sunflowers.

How to preserve sunflowers?

Sunflowers make excellent cut flowers but they can also be dried and preserved to use in dried sunflower arrangements.

  • Select flowers that have just recently opened and that have no damage to the petals.
  • Tie a string around the long stem and hang the sunflower upside down to dry in a dark place.
  • It takes about two weeks for the sunflowers to dry. Once they are dry, you can use them in dried floral arrangements. You can also cut the stem off and use them as bowl fillers or on floral wreaths.
  • The flowers will dry to a more dull color than the bright yellow that the flower first started with

Some fun facts:

  • Sunflower is the national flower of Russia and the state flower of Kansas, USA.
  • Sunflower is notable for turning to face the Sun, a behavior known as heliotropism.
  • Vincent van Gogh's most famous works are his Sunflower series
  • Got a sunflower that no longer has seeds on the inside? You can use the head of the sunflower as a natural scrubbing tool!

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