Love and Care for your Flowers

Day 1 Care:

- Unwrap the packaging around the flowers

- Remove foliage from the lower part of the stem

- Submerge the stems in a bowl of water or hold them under running water and snip the stems to the desired length at a 45° angle. This helps avoid air bubbles in the xylem (part of the stem) and enables a smooth water flow

- Take water in a vase, enough to have at least 2 inches of the stems dipped in

- Add flower food to the water. It helps flowers bloom beautifully and last longer

- Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, and heat. It dehydrates the flowers and causes them to dry and wither. Ideal temperature for flowers is 15° to 22° Celsius


Regular Care

- It’s time to change the water. Clean the vase and add fresh water

- Add a teaspoon of flower food to the fresh water

- Check for withered flowers and prune them

- Once again, snip the stems of all flowers a little

- Put the remaining flowers inside the vase and rearrange them


General Care

- Every few days you might want to check and change the water if needed

- You need to add flower food every time you add fresh water

- Do not spray water on flowers, they’ll decay faster if you do so. Flowers are hydrated by the water from the vase

- Do not keep the flowers close to electronic devices. These devices generate heat which increases the temperature surrounding the flowers and causes them to wither faster