All About Tulips

Flowers remind us of colours and the most colourful in all of the spring season are hands down Tulips. These beautiful flowers are every gardener’s inspiration, their muse. And thankfully, the inspiration is abundant. There are over 3,000 different varieties divided under 15 groups. They bloom in various colours, shapes and sizes, are an absolute delight to the eyes.

Tulips were originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire and were imported into Holland in the 16th century where they were soon celebrated. Painters would often paint them on their canvases and the locals not only bought them, but they also started growing them. Even today, Holland is affectionately called the ‘flower shop of the world’.

What are the different types of Tulips?

The tulip is a bulbous flowering plant that is a member of the Liliaceae (lily) family. There are many different types of tulips, and here are our favourites:

Standard Tulips

These traditional cut flowers are what you can see throughout the local gardens during springtime. They grow with consistently pure colours and their one-colour rule makes them a great choice for floral arrangements. The exception is bi-colour tulip which blooms in the most complementary combinations. Always a win-win!

Double Bloom Tulips

Double bloom tulips bloom with a multitude of layers. It is likely you have heard them referred to as peony blooms. Their lush, voluptuous look makes a perfect contribution to the beauty of any arrangement of flowers. 

Parrot Tulips

With ruffled petals and multiple colours, parrot tulips resemble a tropical parrot. They grow very quickly and tend to be larger. Hence, gardeners may have to tend them with extra care to ensure that their stems are strong enough to support the bulbs. Their multi-coloured, textural bloom makes them uniquely handsome.

What is the significance of Tulips?

Tulips are associated with an ancient love story, and hence, are believed to represent true love. Farhad, a muralist, fell in love with princess Shirin. But, Shirin’s father didn’t approve of her daughter’s love for a commoner and asked Farhad to dig a giant canal to prove his love. When Farhad nearly finished digging the canal after years, Shirin’s father sent a courtesan to convince him that she was killed. Farhad, in grief, jumped off a cliff. On hearing this, Shirin went after him and killed herself. It is said that red tulips bloomed where their blood hit the ground. Who knew that such a tragic end to a precious love story would give birth to something so beautiful!

Tulips carry with them the symbolic value of adaptability, renewal, and reincarnation. They grow in all the colours of the rainbow and are true gifts from the eternal nature. You only have to plant a tulip once and it returns every spring. No wonder dreaming of a tulip signifies a fresh start. 

When to gift Tulips?

    The red colour of the tulips evokes love and passion. So, gifting your partner a tulip would be a great idea on any occasion.

    Tulips make perfect gifts for the 11th wedding anniversary. Or you can also gift them to your partner saying that you would be with them for a long time to come.

    Yellow tulips stand for hope and cheerfulness, and hence, can be given as a get-well-soon gift.

    Say sorry with white tulips. Choose an apology bouquet when you’re very sorry.

    Pink tulips signify happiness and confidence, so you can gift them to someone who recently got a new job or promotion. 

How to arrange Tulips and pair them with other flowers?

  • Arranging tulips can be easier than thought. Take a bunch of one-colour tulips and put them in a transparent jar. This is a subtle décor idea and goes with any mood.
  • You can also pair them with field grass such as Solidago in an ornate jar. The fullness and the green bring a fresh appeal to your décor.
  • The white, pink and sage colour palette can be paired with hydrangeas and ranunculus.

How to grow Tulips at home?

Follow these steps carefully and you will be able to grow yourself your first tulip babies.

  • Choose a shady site or the one that just receives the morning sunlight.
  • Soil must be well-draining, dry or sandy and slightly acidic.
  • Store tulip bulbs in paper bags and keep them in a cool place.
  • Dig into the soil 3 times the length of the tulip bulb.
  • Add some compost or dried manure.
  • Set the bulb and wait. Tulips grow fast, so you won’t have to wait longer.

 Note: The best time to plant tulip bulbs is in the fall. 

How to preserve Tulips?

Tulips can be dried and preserved for decoration with a microwave flower drying technique. Find out how:

    Find a microwave-safe container that can fit the tulip.

    Cover the bottom of the container with an inch or two of silica gel, Place flowers and pour some more gel over the petals. Make sure the petals don’t get flattened.

    Place the uncovered container in the microwave. Set the microwave to one or two heat levels above defrost for 2-5 minutes. Check your flower’s progress and increase heat and time as needed.

    Once flowers are dry, open the microwave and immediately cover the container. Open the top a quarter of a centimeter, and let it sit for 24 hours.

    Clean the gel from the petals with a fine brush and then mist with an acrylic spray.

Use these for decoration. They’ll make for an aesthetic photo for your Instagram. 

Some Fun Facts:

    The Parkinson's Disease Foundation uses a tulip as its symbol

    Tulips were once the most expensive flower

    Tulip petals are edible and can be used in place of onions in many recipe

    If you cut tulips, they'll continue to grow in your vase for at least another inch

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Author: Bhawika Jethwani