5 Interesting Flower Stories for A Very Happy Fathers Day

In a tree called life, a father is the stem that supports the family while a mother nurtures it by acting as a root. Like mothers, fathers too work day-in-day-out to fulfil their family’s needs and requirements. Often seen maintaining the work-life balance, fathers are always there for all the important milestones of their children. They choose to work from the side-lines and away from the attention of the society. Yet, they are as much important in a child’s life as a mother. Let us celebrate a day to acknowledge the contribution that our fathers and father figures have made in our lives.

It was in the year 1908 that Father’s Day was first celebrated in Fairmont, West Virginia. The Monongah Mining Disaster in December, 1907 had killed 361 men leaving a thousand orphans. Post this, Grace Golden Clayton suggested that they should conduct an event to honour all the fathers.

After hearing Anna Jarvis’s sermon on Mother’s Day (1909), in 1910 Sonora Smart Dodd supported the idea of celebrating Father’s Day. However, this could not be transformed into a national movement until 1966 when President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the Third Sunday of June as the official Father’s Day. In 1972, President Richard Nixon declared it a national holiday in the eyes of law.

Today, Father’s Day is celebrated across the world to admire and honour the men who raised us. There is no such standard date to observe the day and it is celebrated on different dates across the globe. In major parts of the world, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Everyone has their own way of celebrating this special day. Some choose to give cards to their fathers, pick gifts, go fishing and/or gardening or dine out with them, while some prefer to devote their entire day to their fathers and spend some quality time with them.

We, at The Flora, suggest you to brighten your father’s day with a beautiful floral arrangement especially if you aren’t there to celebrate with him. Before you think about dropping the idea due to the unavailability of resources, check out our website and order online/whatsapp us. Surprise your father with our doorstep delivery and express your gratitude in the most subtle way possible.

Flowers can express every human emotion and convey your message as each flower comes with a special meaning. If you are wondering what could be the best flower for the occasion, allow us to help you with the selection.



According to Ms. Dodd, one may pick white rose to honour the deceased father and present a red one to the living to show your love. Roses are bold, masculine, tall and sturdy. In addition, they are quite long lasting if taken care of well.

A red rose is distinctly an expression of love, admiration and desire. Present your father with these classic “I love you” flowers and show your respect and appreciation towards him. You can present an ivory rose when you have to show your boundless care and love. Pick a white rose to share your silent “remembrance” message for your deceased father.

Because of its simple beauty and powerful fragrance, roses are undeniably one of the most adored flowers.


Tulips are the classic blossoms that symbolise love. Like most flowers, tulips too, come in a wide range of colours and signify various meanings. To express platonic love to your father, you may pick yellow ones which express cheerful thoughts and sunshine; and pink ones which express care, warmth and affection. If you are unable to stick to one colour, you may send a multi-coloured bouquet with many messages. You may also personalise your tulips to your father’s favourite colour.



Coming from a Celtic legend, it was believed that whenever an infant died, god scattered daisies over the earth to cheer the parents up. This flower symbolises innocence, purity and cheerfulness. Since daisies are composed of two flowers that blend together, they have also come to symbolise pure love. Marked to celebrate new beginnings, daisies are often a gift for new parents. So, you may present your father with these pretty blossoms.


Often recognised with the mother’s undying love, people forget that carnations too come in various colours and are associated with various meanings. While light red carnations signify admiration, dark red ones signify love and affection. You may show your gratitude to your father with pink carnations, and pure love and good luck with white ones. If you find yourself at crossroads, you may pair them with other blossoms such as hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, lilies etc.


These delicate ornamental plants signify love, luxury, beauty and strength. These graceful blossoms would more than just adorn your father’s office, they would surely brighten his day.

In case your father is a gardener, you may buy him our DIY Kit to become a floral artisan. The kit comes handy with woven threads, burlaps, flower food, a pair of secateurs along with your subscribed set of flowers. Remember, men too have a soft side to them that loves flowers. Pick your father’s favourite and bag the best child award right away.

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Shikha Nangru