Refresh your homes this summer season with The Flora

Every season witnesses bountiful flowers in every colour. But, extreme summer can be tougher for them. Yet, there are many beautiful flowers that can thrive in heat. So, which ones can grow and set some enviable gardening examples this summer? What are the best summer flowers you can get home or gift to your dear ones? Let’s find out.

Roses – All the rose lovers will be delighted to know that roses bloom throughout the summer season. All they need is little caring. In dry summer weather they require watering just 2 to 3 times a week. Roses are the best companions when expressing your love to somebody, so remember The Flora for the most fresh and beautiful bunches.

Sunflower – As the name suggests, sunflowers bloom radiantly during the summer. They can withstand extreme heat and live perfectly well if not overwatered. Too much water loosens the soil and weakens the plant. The vibrant yellow of sunflowers immediately lifts the mood of any place they are decorated in. So, order a bunch of them today.

Marigold – Marigolds are the multipurpose flowers that are used for both decoration and religious purposes. They are ideal for summer wedding decorations and are easily available in the market. Planning to plant marigolds? Just ensure that you water them thoroughly every day and dry out the soil between watering.

Lilies – Lilies make for the perfect flowers for a living room. And although they look delicate, they survive even in the extreme conditions. If the sun is too harsh, their petals tend to get dry. What’s amazing is that the buds of this flower stay intact and when the weather gets a little cooler, they bloom again.

Hibiscus – Ideal temperature to grow Hibiscus flowers is 16 to 32 degrees Celsius. Hibiscus plants tend to have larger blooms and are great patio flowers for the summer. They require daily watering if the weather is warm. In the cool weather, they require less water and lesser care.

Dahlias – Flamboyant, show-stopping dahlias grow in many shades from white to burgundy and bloom best in the late summer and early autumn. They require extra care to grow and prefer full sun site and well-drained soil to bloom beautifully. But all the hard work that goes into caring for dahlias certainly results in something so mesmerizing.

Carnation – The elegantly charming carnations are dear to a lot of us. White, pink, red, yellow, purple and orange – carnations bloom in many colours. What’s even better? They bloom in bi-colours too. So many perfect options for the table centrepieces!

Lotus – The national flower of India, lotus has a unique elegance that no other flower can match. It blooms in shades of white and bright pink and is the symbol of grace, purity and serenity. It is a summer flowering plant whose petals open by dawn and close from afternoon to evening.

Pansy – Pansies are one of the most pleasant summer flowering plants that can bloom annually in purple, orange, red, white, blue, and yellow colours. They prefer moderate shade and if cared for properly, they can grow up to 6 to 9 inches tall.

Lavender – Lavenders are colourful and fragrant flowers that would breathe life into your patio. They also add a beautiful charm to the kitchen windows. Lavenders love sun and prefer well-drained soil. If growing indoors, consider planting them in terra-cotta pots.

There are a lot of flowers that cannot withstand the scorching heat in the summer season. It’s rare to see hydrangeas, alyssum, snapdragons, hollyhocks, camelias, daffodils and many other flowers in winter. While some of them die with the first ray of summer, some can be grown in summer if carefully cared for. 

Flowers are a perfect addition to both your indoors and outdoors. So order them today from The Flora. 

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Author: Bhawika Jethwani