Get your homes festival ready. It's Ugadi!

All excited and ready to celebrate Ugadi this year? The festival fervor is gripping to say the least, as people in Karnataka look forward to start their new year or the first day of the Chaitra month on a happy note! The term Ugadi literally means Aadi or the beginning of a 'Yug'. Considered to be an auspicious day, it is believed that with the first day of the year spent happily, the rest of the year will be an equally enjoyable one!


The Ugadi Story


Ugadi ushers in a celebratory mood and preparations to welcome the festival starts a week prior to the actual day. The significance of Ugadi stems from the legend that Lord Brahma began the creation of the universe on this day. He then went on to create days, weeks, months, and years in order to keep track of time. Another reason for the celebration, which acknowledges nature at the core of our existence, is the ushering in of the spring season. As each new leaf unfurls and mother Earth is blanketed in greens, nature seems to adorn a new look. And new lives deserve to be celebrated right?

The festive mood is set off with deep cleaning of homes and celebrations through special prayers at temples, seeking the blessings of elders and involving in austere and spiritually symbolic activities at households. In Karnataka, after the pooja, ‘Bevu Bella’ is distributed which is a preparation made from neem and jaggery whose combination signifies that life is a mixture of sweet and bitter days, joy and sorrow and that these should be accepted as a part and parcel of life because the Lord will always be there to bless and protect.

And on such an auspicious day, can flowers be left behind? Flowers and festivals always go hand in hand. On Ugadi too, the presence of flowers in various forms around home creates soothing and pleasant vibes. The Flora shares with you some ideas, so that you can ring in the festival with joy using flowers.

Welcome Happiness with Marigold Torans

At the entrance, on the main door, a toran or bandhanwaar is hung which is made of mango leaves and marigolds. The combination of green leaves and bright yellow- orange marigolds signifies prosperity and abundance. The distinct fragrance of marigolds is said to ward off stress and negative thoughts.

Rangoli with Flowers

We are deep rooted in our culture and beliefs and the intricate patterns created on the floor, outside our homes or in front of the prayer halls (puja rooms) often called as rangoli, kolams or painted prayers are believed to invoke calmness of mind. It is said that with the change of color, design and form, the vibration of a rangoli changes. Fill you rangoli with pretty flower petals in different colours. The act of making such an arrangement itself is very therapeutic!

Floating arrangements around Home

Take a little time and smell the roses! Create an enticing floating flower arrangement. Decorate your house during Ugadi by using flowers; flower petals and candles in water filled platters or ‘uruli’ to create a warm ambience. Use the inherent exuberance of colors and flowers for your home to come alive! 

Styling spaces with a vibrant bunch of blooms

No celebration is complete without a bunch of blooms sitting pretty on your dining table or the living room. After all, it is where all the action is! A bunch of roses or lilies to fill in the empty spaces of your home, shall work like magic in your décor. Flowers are all you need to brighten up your day and your home.

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Gifting Happiness

On Ugadi, a feast is prepared. Family and friends are invited for the wide spread. Show them some love. Spread cheer, gift a bouquet!  Even, long after you leave, the fragrance and beauty of the flowers shall remind them of the beautiful moments spent together. Festivals are meant to bring people closer and flowers are a sure way to win their hearts.

Happy Ugadi from The Flora.

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Author: Sangitha Aanand