A Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Flowers

Ever got duped into buying shopworn flowers by a florist and regretted later? Ever wished that you were no stranger to the parameters of beautiful long lasting blossoms?

If you nodded in affirmation to the above questions, we suggest that you carefully select the flowers before you buy any. To begin with, one must know which flowers they wish to buy and what type of flower display they would like to take back with them. Understand the characteristics desirable in various classes of flowers and get the best ones possible.

Some degree of contemplation and coordination is necessary to effectively accessorise your home with the help of flowers. Keep in mind the place your blossoms shall be placed at, the location, the surrounding décor and the container. Examine the colour, shape and size of your vase(s) and all necessary factors influencing your decision.

In order to make sure that your flowers look their best, bring in the type of vase(s) that work best with them. While there are certain vases that can be used to arrange hydrangeas, there are certain others that can only accommodate ranunculus.

Consider certain things and abide by these rules when you head to a florist/ order online, for they shall never disappoint you. Here, The Flora has enlisted the set of guidelines one may refer to before purchasing any blossoms.

  • One must opt for seasonal flowers, if possible, which assures that no toxic chemicals were used to keep them fresh and alive. It shall prove to be a great advantage for a buyer as seasonal flowers are affordable, abundant and long lasting. Getting a blossom at the peak of its season shall yield the most aesthetically pleasing version of that bloom. You may get daffodils, tulips and peonies, grown underneath artificial grow lights, all around the year but why pay so much when you can pay five times lesser price for them during the spring? You may, however, pick the flowers that endure it all, can withstand the heat of the sun during summers and the cold that winter brings. With flowers such as Asters, chrysanthemums and carnations you can decorate your place all year long.
  • When investing in flowers, it is exceedingly important to check the petals to understand if they are fresh enough. Check them for any wilting, transparency or discoloration. Make sure they do not have any dry black ends (indicating that they are not fresh) or brown spots (indicating that they were not cut appropriately). These are the signs of a short vase life and not worth your money.

  • For any arrangements, flowers must be cut before they get the chance for pollination. Once it has been fertilised, the petals shall soon start to fall off as the next generation shall be on its way. Hence, you must inspect the insides of the blossoms for seeds. In case you happen to catch a glimpse of the seeds, you must understand that those flowers shall not last for quite long.
  • Similarly, you must keep a tab on the leaves along the stem. They should be green and healthy. If they are brown, wilting or/ and have brown spots, consider them dying and falling off the stem soon.
  • Wet stems indicate well hydrated and preserved flowers. They should be firm and sturdy; if bending or broken, you shall know the flowers will wilt much sooner. Freshly cut stems appear green or white at the ends; if they appear brown, yellow or frayed, take that as a guideline for an unprofessional florist and you may move on.

  • If not heading to a party, look for tightly closed bulbs that have not yet peaked. This will ensure that they have not been sitting on the shelves for very long and shall fully bloom at home with a longer life span.
  • The life span of flowers also depends upon how well they are taken care of. Check if they are kept in clean nutrient-rich water. A murky vase, full of dead leaves could suggest bacteria present in water that may affect the flower’s health.
  • We do not recommend you to direct your purchases based on the colour of a flower. Flowers change their hues with time and are often unpredictable. Such is the case with orchids, especially. You must not force yourself to buy a certain flower or a particular colour simply because you decided you wanted them lest you shall be setting yourself up for a floral disappointment.

The next time you head to your florist, go with an open mind and bring in whatever looks the best. Do not hesitate to ask questions, inspect the flowers and you shall have a pleasing arrangement to be adored for a long time.

A bouquet’s vase life principally depends upon how one takes care of it once it is brought home. In order to increase their longevity, one must trim the base of the stem 2-3 inches at angle increasing the surface area for sucking water. Mix water (preferably at room temperature) properly with the flower food as instructed on the sachet, neither too concentrated nor too diluted. You may repeat the entire process every 2-3 days. Keep them away from direct sunlight or any appliances that generate heat so as to save them from getting dehydrated. Remove any stem leaves immersed in the vase water to prevent bacterial growth, in turn, making your blossoms stay with you much longer.

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Author: Shikha Nangru