This Mother's Day, gift her happiness, love, and flowers

The third most popular holiday celebrated in the world behind Christmas and Easter is Mother’s Day. According to Pre Research Center, Mother’s Day is also the day when most number of phone calls are made across the world.

In 1907, the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Reeves Jarvis, proposed the idea of celebrating motherhood and mark a day in respect of all women who have birthed and/or raised each one of us. The intention was to make all mothers feel loved and special the way they do for their children each day. Jarvis was a social activist and community organiser in America. She quit her job to focus full-time on persuading business executives, civic leaders and politicians into making this holiday official. It was in 1914, that the then president of the USA, President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. However, it took a few more years to be universally acknowledged.

Today, each person celebrates Mother’s Day in their own unique way. Some people present their mothers with cards, gifs or flowers while some prefer to give their hard working mums a day off and taking them out for dinners. For people in India, this day typically takes the form of a family get-together. Some people present their mothers with gifts while others write heartfelt messages or poems.

According to a research study by Nancy Etcoff of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, cut flowers affect human behaviour and make them feel happier. When gifted to someone, flowers make the recipient feel special. Now, doesn’t every mother deserve to feel happy and special?

If you cannot find the perfect set of words to express yourselves, these flowers can help you convey your feelings. Make this Mother’s Day more fragrant, beautiful, and meaningful for your mothers with a range of flowers available with The Flora.


It is widely acknowledged that the first pink carnation sprang up where Mother Mary shed tears as Christ carried the cross. Since then, carnations have represented a mother’s undying love. In 1907, at the first Mother’s Day memorial service, Anna Jarvis distributed white carnations, her mother’s favourite flowers. Since then, the most common flowers on Mother’s Day are Pink or red carnations if the mothers are alive and white if they have passed away. To let your mother know how special she is to you, custom design a bouquet for her with her favourite colour carnations.


Considering the sumptuous beauty, fragrance, and longevity, it is hardly surprising that peonies are one of the most dearly loved perennials. Referred to as the “Queen of Flowers”, Peonies bloom around late spring around April, May and June which makes them a perfect pick for Mother’s Day. Peonies can bloom for a hundred years with little or no attention, all it takes to grow them is right soil and plenty of sunlight. Interestingly, Peonies change colours as they bloom. In fact, one may check on a potted Peony every day to observe the colours changing by the day.


Traditionally picked for Valentine’s Day, roses have come to be recognised as one of the most fragrant, elegant and luxurious flowers. Lately, they have become immensely popular for mother’s day celebration. In Greek mythology, roses were considered as a symbol of motherhood since it was thought to be sacred for goddess Isis, the ideal mother. With so many vibrant colours available, roses make the perfect gift for any celebration.


Fetched in the month of spring, Tulips are considered as a symbol of new life. Hence, as spring blooming flowers, tulips seem apt for new mothers and perfectly suit the mother’s day celebration.

Like any other blossoms, tulips too range in colours each evoking a host of feelings. Pink tulips signify care, warmth and affection, red signifies true, deep love, white signifies purity and heaven, while cream tulips signify eternal love, yellow tulips signify cheerful thoughts, orange represents enthusiasm, excitement and energetic love.  You may stick to one meaningful colour such as pink tulips to express your warmth and love to a new mother or send a multi-coloured bouquet with many messages.


Daisies symbolize innocence, purity and cheerfulness. White daisies in particular symbolize the innocence of mother’s love, her patience and never-ending compassion.  Add daisies to make a powerful addition to your mother’s day bouquet to express your love to your ever radiating happy mother.

Lilies and Orchids:

One of the most popular choices for Mother’s Day are lilies for they are a symbol of purity and majesty. While calla lily signifies beauty, day lily signifies motherhood. Also, in Chinese culture, orchids signify “many children”.  So why not gift your mother with a bouquet that symbolises your beautiful eternal relationship with her.

A gentle soul such as your mother ought to be treated most specially. Pick any of your mother’s favourite flowers and thank her for being the perfect mother she is.

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Author: Shikha Nangru